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Walnut Slabs for Sale


Whenever possible, we attempt to preserve the existing, mature trees in the neighborhoods we create.

Our Forest Avenue Subdivision is a perfect example of this - we were able to preserve many of the beautiful black oak trees that were on the property. However, there are times that we need to remove the trees, due to their location or in cases where they may pose a hazard to a future homeowner.

For this reason, we have a quantity of beautiful, black walnut slabs from a past development that are seasoned and ready for use. These slabs are 3 inches thick, with dimensions as noted in our gallery. You could even pick a slab to be used to build the cabinets for your new Shastan Home!

These slabs are selling quickly! Call today to reserve yours!

Slab #4 - $3500.00

End 1 width = 55" | Center width = See photos | End 2 width = 70" | Length = 222"


Slab #6 - $2500.00

End 1 width = 45" | Center width = See photos | End 2 width = 70" | Length = 222"