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Shastan Homes has contracted with Davis Energy Group in Davis, California to evaluate the energy performance of our homes. Their engineers performed complex cost-benefit studies, evaluating various combinations of enhancement measures in order to select a combination of features that would provide the greatest benefit to our homeowners.

Our final list of standard and upgrade options includes many features that will make your home more comfortable while saving you money on your energy usage.

In addition to utilizing installed features to ensure that your home is highly energy efficient, we also employ various quality control procedures. For instance, we retain a HERS rater to test the duct leakage in ALL of our homes, even when it is not required by the California Energy Commission (CEC).

To see how well our homes performed with all the standards and options installed, please feel free to request a copy of the performance data calculated by Davis Energy Group that lists the pertinent features for the homes, as well as the compliance margin for each plan - the compliance margin was significant. This data was calculated based on the 2005 Energy Code - We are currently working on an update which will address the changes in the latest Code.

If you are interested in a home that performs far in excess of the CEC standards, please let us know. We have a comprehensive list of standard features and upgrade options that will greatly enhance the performance of your home.